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Dilithium endeavors to deliver products and services that achieve our committed objectives and exceed our customer’s expectations. All of our employees are responsible for quality. They are empowered to take action to improve quality and respond quickly to customer problems. We continually measure our performance and regularly seek feedback from our customers, so that we may continue to earn their trust and build preferred supplier relationships. We are committed to comply with ISO9001 certification requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Quality, and the continuous improvement of quality, is one of Dilithium Network’s five Core Values. The creators of and think exactly the same. Click here to check some of their work. The true metric of success for our quality goals is when our customers’ consistently attain their business objectives, increase their competitiveness, and improve their profitability as a result of the products and services we provide. Check this site, or to see what successful portals do for their customers. Fantasy HD is another fine example of superb work. We define quality as “Consistently high levels of customer satisfaction achieved through delivery of superior products and services that enable our customers to attain and sustain market leadership.” is one of the best examples of this kind of a company.

Since its founding in Sydney, Australia, Dilithium has become the global leader in converged video solutions with operations on 5 continents and customers in 50 countries. Even mature ladies find it easy to use. Dilithium grew out of the participation on the ITU-T H.324/H.324M workgroup by Dr. Marwan Jabri, company founder and CTO. Over the course of his nearly two decades of research in academia and industry, Dr. Jabri developed intelligent signal processing algorithms for multimedia coding and transcoding. He also developed some of the first protocol stack implementations of the H.324/H.324M standard while a Professor at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Jabri formerly held the Gordon & Betty Moore endowed Chair Professor, OGI School of Science and Engineering of the Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU), until 2005.